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Where Quality Is The Difference

75 Years of History

We're a family owned business that has been a pillar of the community since World War II, when Bob Allyn first opened his Dry Cleaning business.  

Richard Hamel, after an Honorable Discharge from the US Army in 1960, started learning the Dry Cleaning business with a friend in Thomaston. A few years later, he leased a business in Naugatuck, until he bought "Town & Country Cleaners" in Wolcott with his wife Claire in 1965.

Then, in 1975, when Bob Allyn, looking to retire, put his well established business up for sale, Richard & Claire jumped at the chance. Watertown has the combined appeal of small town values, but is central to both small communities like Bethlehem and large cities like Waterbury.

The Hamel Family has continued to provide Quality Cleaning for almost 50 years, while being a true part of the community, sponsoring everything from Little League & High School Scholarships to Miss CT Beauty Pageants & Medical Research. 

The Legacy of Bob Allyn's little Dry Cleaners has had a huge impact on countless lives for nearly 75 years.