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Pick-Up & Delivery Service

If you find yourself too busy to come to us, Allyn's has Delivery Vans, for our Pick-Up & Delivery Service to your home or workplace, in several local towns (please click on the map on this page for exact details.)

If you decide to sign up for this Service:

 - Allyn's will provide you with two of our special laundry bags (similar to the image on this page with a gray background), capable of holding approximately 25+ lbs, into which you will place your soiled items

 - Our driver will Pick-Up your bag of soiled items, either once or twice a week, depending on your needs

 - Our driver will return your freshly cleaned items, along with your now empty Allyn's laundry bag, and Pick-Up whatever soiled items you have left for us in your other Allyn's laundry bag

We have offers for Individual/Home use or for Company sign-up. Details are available under the Green or Blue buttons below.

If you choose to sign up, please go to our "Contact Us" page and let us know.