Where Quality Is The Difference

Shirt Laundry

Allyn's shirt laundering is performed with water, detergents and optical brighteners. But, unlike home laundering, our service includes expert hand-spotting, finishing with fresh starch, free button replacement, and professional hand-pressing of your shirts. At Allyn's, we offer the following in shirt laundering:

 - Pre-Spotting
 - Gentle Laundering
 - Hand Spotting for Stain Removal
 - Machine Form Press
 - Button and Stain Inspection
 - Free Button Replacement
 - Hand Iron Touch-Up
 - Collar Supports

Wet Cleaning

We here at Allyn’s have used eco-friendly wet cleaning for years, and are determined to do our part for our community and the environment. We care about the health of our customers and employees, and use non-toxic cleaning fluids that are safer for both them and the environment.  Wet cleaning uses highly-efficient technology to regulate water and detergent use to minimize waste and protect the environment.

Unless otherwise specified, we sort your garments into either "Traditional Dry Cleaning" or "Wet Cleaning", using our many years of experience to determine the best process for stain removal. Over 80% of the dress clothes that are returned on hangers are wet cleaned.